Sumari Finance


What is Sumari Finance?

Sumari Finance is a yield optimizer platform on several blockchains, offering users the opportunity to increase their crypto portfolio through the marvel of compounding. On Sumari Finance, you can maximize your ROI thanks to unrivaled APYs that are tamperproof and safe. Sumari Finance uses multiple strategies executed through smart contracts to ensure users get the maximum rewards possible from their preferred yield farming protocols, liquidity pools, and more. To avail themselves of these opportunities, users need to deposit their assets in the Sumari Vaults, a financial product that’s linked to the yield optimizing services on the protocol. The deposited tokens gradually increase as interests from the selected yield farming option are compounded. Tokens deposited in the Sumari Vaults can be taken out by the user at any time – zero locking mechanisms enforced.

What is $SUMA?

$SUMA is the token of the Sumari Finance ecosystem. Holders of $SUMA share in the profit accrued by the Sumari Finance platform. The token also has governance benefits, letting holders vote and submit proposals regarding the operations of Sumari Finance. $SUMA holders get a small portion of all the profits from vaults on Sumari Finance. All a $SUMA holder has to do is stake the crypto token in the specific vault to get the relevant reward. You can choose either a native pool or a SUMA Maxi vault, but the reward differs for both. $SUMA has a capped supply of 200,000,000 tokens. Interested holders can purchase the cryptocurrency on specific DEXs.