Sumari Finance

Introduction to Sumari Finance

What is Sumari Finance?

Sumari Finance is a yield optimizer platform for users to make the most of their crypto holdings in a decentralized setting. The DeFi protocol allows users to achieve all these in a trustless and permissionless fashion. On Sumari Finance, users can enjoy the gains of DeFi with little effort. Yield optimization, an essential aspect of Sumari Finance, is achieved through investment strategies and smart contracts. The endgame is to save the time and resources of DeFi users while amplifying their gains. That’s more spare time for things that matter without affecting your earnings; talk about eating your cake and having it.
The Sumari Finance team might be anonymous, but the smart contracts supporting the yield optimizer are visible to anyone. Everything is visible to verify, so users don’t have to blindly trust but confirm the authenticity of any code.
Sumari Finance uses diverse strategies to provide the best yield optimizing service for the average investor without complicating the user interface. As there are different blockchains available to users, Sumari Finance will cater to the yield optimizing needs of different investors through a multi-chain setup. Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana are some of the blockchains that will be covered by Sumari Finance.
$SUMA will be the governance token of the Sumari Finance yield optimizer. Anyone looking to bring valuable change to activities of the DeFi protocol can achieve that by holding the $SUMA. Also, holders of the crypto token will share in the profit from the different vaults on the Sumari Finance ecosystem, no matter the blockchain.

Why Sumari Finance?

Lots of attributes make Sumari Finance stand out in a DeFi space that’s busting with decentralized yield optimizers.
  • Revenue sharing is at the core of Sumari Finance. $SUMA holders get a portion of the platform revenue by staking the crypto token in the specific vault.
  • Security is paramount on Sumari Finance, and we have the right collection of developers to ensure that every smart contract works as intended while remaining tamperproof.
  • All Sumari Finance codes are in the public domain. With all codes visible to everyone, debugging is much easier.
  • Sumari Finance's offering is quite different; certain liquidity pools aren't available anywhere else.